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Myissues Create Meaningful Local Impact

We are a multi-faceted organization that delivers a wide range of services catered to the needs of the community members. Whether a person needs food items, medical counseling, or employment assistance – we have programs ready to support them.

Food Bank

Our grocery bank services enable you to access essential food items.

Medical Counseling

Counseling and medical services are available to heal mental health challenges.

Employment Services

Our unemployment programs assist you in finding fulfilling work at a company.

Community Expansion

We continuously build community infrastructure for more social support services.

Business Ads

We support the growth of small businesses by promoting their ads for free.

A Mediator for Tenant and Landlord Disputes

Tenants and landlords can struggle to resolve legal disputes. Our experts can guide you to solutions that work for you.

The Launchpad for Entrepreneurial Growth

Digital marketing can be a challenging endeavor for small business owners. Our organization can expedite business growth by getting your products and services seen by more interested buyers. We offer free ad promotion to help minimize business expenses, so you do not have to pay for the marketing. This free service allows more money to go into growing the business, and you can experience rapid growth faster.

Free Ad Postings
Expert Advice for Businesses

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Members are the first to hear about our organization’s updates and receive exclusive newsletters. We value every member because your contributions allow us to grow exponentially and serve the vulnerable populations. We can build strategic partnerships and lead programs that uplift the community. If you want to help people and leave a lasting impact for generations, Myissues is the place to become a member.

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