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With these newsletters, you will be able to stay in the loop with the ways in which we serve your community. The newsletters provide an outlet for us to remain accountable to you. We remain transparent and aim to keep you informed about how your contribution is being used to serve others.

support and guidance from the representatives

This newsletter act as a channel of communication where you can stay in touch with the community representatives.Matters that you cannot address alone will be addressed in this content. You are encouraged to bring up any questions or concerns you have with your representatives and we work to serve you better.

Resolution to Tenant & Landlord issues

We help mediate any resident concerns and our intention is to reconcile any issues that come up in the residences. These problematic situations can get complicated and we serve as a competent third-party who offers solutions with your best interests in mind. You can stay calm while we sort out your problems.

Community Events

The pandemic has made us more disconnected than ever and our mental health is jeopardized by this disconnection. We want people to feel connected and supported in their communities. You will be notified of community events where you can participate and engage with other members of the community. You are never alone. There is always someone there to chat with and support you.

Network of Connections

We take efforts to document your concerns and make sure they are addressed as soon as possible. We form partnerships with other support services and we will forward your issues to the appropriate support services. By signing up as a member, you will have access to a large number of connections who are there to serve your needs.

Exclusive Membership Packages

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