About Sponsors

Sponsors are an integral part of our organization, and we value your contribution. Your support fuels our growth and development. Every generous contribution allows us to thrive in our work to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Myissues Offers List of Services

Your support will allow us to continue with our projects and serve a larger group of people. Every donation moves us forward in our mission to uplift our community.

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Food Bank

Nobody should starve or die from hunger. Myissues is calling for your support in building distribution warehouses for our online food banks. We provide food bank and grocery store services. Your sponsorship will help us build the essential infrastructure for our development. Your assistance will make our food services readily available to the public.

Medical Services

Your health and wellbeing are our priority. Myissues will be offering a range of life counseling and medical services online. These services are designed to meet the needs of people who are experiencing difficulties in getting the required care. Sponsorships allow us to transition through this process faster and serve the people on the long waiting lists for medical/therapeutic assistance.

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Job Recruitment

We function as a bridge that connects job seekers with job recruiters. Myissues provides a recruitment platform where individuals in the community can post home care and maintenance jobs. Vulnerable populations, like homeless people, can apply for jobs to improve their quality of life. Your donation creates the birthplace of opportunities for them to succeed in their professional endeavors.

Serving Communitys

Myissues is dedicated to serving your community and positively impacting as many lives as possible. We are excited to expand into other communities, and we want to grow our projects to accommodate a larger scale of people. Your ongoing support will propel our growth into other regions. We can collaborate to create a profound impact on alleviating the challenges people face in their communities. 

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Skilled Optimists

We are skilled optimists who believe in a brighter future for our communities, and these services are a step in the right direction. Your contribution will assist us in bringing our promising projects to life. Please consider sponsoring our services and join us in changing our communities for the better.